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Polyethylene can altered by forming links between polyethylene macromolecules which bridges polyethylene molecules together. This process, known as "cross-linking" provides many advantages and properties that allow polyethylene to be used in a wide variety of applications in which extreme temperatures or conditions exist. Cross-linked polyethylene ( often called PEX or XLPE ) has improved resistance to temperature and UV rays as well as improved durability and flexibility.

Once polyethylene has been cross-linked, it cannot be converted back to it's original state. Unfortunately, this process also makes polyethylene very difficult to recycle. For example, cross linked regrind can be extremely hard to melt and tends to "gel" when pushed through an extruder.

Fortunately, Plastic Trader Enterprises has developed methods and markets for scrap, cross-linked polyethylene in many forms. These materials include high and low density polyethylenes.

If your company is generating scrap cross linked polyethylene and is looking for a viable recycling program, please contact us or call us directly at 513-544-9315.